decision analysis

The Decision Analysis Seminars (DAS) address the various aspects of risk analysis and management decision making. Quantitative and qualitative methods of decision analysis and decision making are covered in these seminars.

The following DAS courses are offered:

DAS501 - Decision Analysis
This course covers decision making at both the tactical and strategic levels. Expected value and decision trees are covered at the tactical level while strategic alignment and synthesis of selection criteria and rated alternatives are covered at the strategic level.


Major topics are as follows:

- Defining tactical versus strategic objectives
- Identifying and analyzing risks
- Identifying viable innovative alternatives
- Performing life cycle cost and benefits analysis on alternatives
- Proceeding with the best alternative while minimizing risk


DAS502 - Management Decision Making
This course will cover quantitative methods of decision-making and problem solving for management.


Major topics are as follows:

- Identifying Objectives
- Data gathering and analysis
- Alternative courses of action
- Probability model, utility theory, and decision trees
- Quantitative techniques of problem solving and decision-making



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