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The Energy Alternative Seminars cover alternative sources of energy for human consumption and comfort. Petroleum, gas and oil, electricity, solar, and other forms of energy will be covered in detail. Emerging technologies and other alternatives in this field will be addressed.

The following EAS courses are offered:

EAS501 - Petroleum Resources and Their Marketing
This seminar covers the basics of petroleum sources, exploration, extraction, and marketing.


Major topics are as
- Petroleum resources ad their marketing
- Sources of crude oil and gas
- Discovery, exploration and extraction
- Crude oil refining
- Petroleum market analysis and transportation
- Fuel retail market


EAS502 - Electric Power and Other Energy Sources
Various alternative sources of energy will be studied. Emphasis will be placed on electrical energy. Other sources will be investigated and covered in detail.


Major topics are as follows:

- Electric power generation and distribution
- Various methods of generating electricity
- Power distributions systems
- Solar and wind power
- Waste-to-Energy industry
- Emerging technologies


EAS503 - Energy Industry Procurements
This course covers the procurement process in the energy industry.


Major topics are as follows:

- Procurement practices and procedures
- Competitive bidding process
- Transparency and due process
- Use of computers


EAS504 - Management of Energy Projects
The concept of project management will be reviewed. Project planning, funding, staffing, and control will be covered. Project implementation and control of cost, schedule and quality will be emphasized.


Major topics are as follows:

- Project planning, funding, and implementation
- Organizing, staffing, monitoring, and coordination
- Cost, schedule, and quality control
- Teamwork, management, and leadership
- Application of computers as a tool


EAS505 - Harvesting Clean Energy & Restoring Environment
The concept of clean alternative energy will be addressed. Solar, wind and waste-to-energy alternatives will be analyzed and covered in detail. Advantages and economy of alternative energy sources will be reviewed. Practical details and application of various green energy sources will be covered.


Major topics are as follows:

- Solar energy concept and applications
- Wind Energy and its advantages and limitations
- Waste-to-energy renewable source
- Advantages and limitations of various alternatives

- Renewable alternatives and their comparison


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